Why the $1.6 trillion $5 billion foundation is doing well

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By RICHARD STEWARTThe Associated PressNEW YORK (AP) – The $1,638 billion foundation for young Americans is doing just fine.

The $1 billion philanthropic foundation has donated $1 million to help the city of San Francisco’s homeless program, $500,000 to help rebuild a church in Texas, $150,000 for the American Cancer Society’s cancer research program, and $250,000 each to help a homeless man and his family in New York.

That’s according to foundation data released Monday by the U.S. Treasury Department and a Bloomberg News review of public records.

The foundation has made a lot of philanthropic contributions.

In 2015, the foundation donated $2.3 million to the city’s Community Development Block Grant program and $1 in 2015 to the Urban and Metropolitan Arts Foundation, which supports artists, writers and other creative individuals.

That year, the money also gave $2 million to two groups that work on the homeless issue.

The New York City foundation is also part of the United Way of Greater New York, which has given more than $1 trillion to charity in the city since 2007.

It is the largest charity that is based in New Yorks capital city, which is also home to the United Nations.

It also has made major donations to a number of other organizations that are working on homeless issues.

It has given $1million to the New York Police Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping homeless New Yorkers get the help they need, and it has given at least $250 million to a variety of nonprofits that help people with mental health issues and the poor.

It gave $250m to the National Endowment for the Arts in 2012 and gave another $250mn in 2015 and 2016 to the Center for American Progress Action Fund, which provides support to Democratic presidential candidates.

It donated $200m to several groups working on women’s health and education.

And it has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to other charities, including the American Red Cross and the National Park Service.

A number of its largest grants are to nonprofits in cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

But the foundation’s largesse in New England has led to criticism of its donors.

A spokesman for the foundation declined to comment on specific donations made to the foundation, saying that’s up to the state.

The city of New York has seen a sharp uptick in homeless encampments, which have made headlines recently.

New York State has spent about $1bn on temporary shelters and more than 100,000 tents have been put up around the state, including in Manhattan.

In New York state, the nonprofit agency that oversees the state’s homeless shelters, the Housing Trust Fund, also said it was giving $50m to two nonprofits that are providing shelter services in the boroughs.

The U.N. Children’s Fund also gave money to two local organizations that work with homeless children.

But critics say it’s a waste of money, especially when so many New Yorkers are living on the streets.

In recent years, New York’s homeless population has soared, from just under 100,00 to about 350,000 people.

In 2014, the city saw an increase of nearly 500 percent.

The city is the most dangerous city in the nation for homelessness, according to the homeless count.


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