How to get rid of the old dior foundations

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New dior has introduced new dior Foundation.

The new foundation, which will launch later this year, is meant to provide the same high quality of coverage as its predecessors.

However, unlike the old foundations, it’s designed to be easy to apply and use.

The foundation is available in five shades, including rose, pink, purple, pink coral and coral.

The shades are also available in a black and a rose gold.

The foundations are available in an assortment of colors and a range of packaging options.

The new foundation is a “tremendous upgrade” over the original dior products, said dior in a press release.

“With a range that includes rose gold, rose and rose coral, we are excited to offer our customers a new way to give their skin a new look,” said dionne dionerio, creative director of the new foundation.

“Dior is constantly innovating to create new ways to give women a beautiful face.”

Dior said that the new doré foundation will be available in three shades: rose gold (the shade with the most coverage), rose coral (the one with the least coverage) and rose gold with rose coral.

It will also include a rose, a rose pink, rose coral and rose pearl shade.

In addition, it will be the first foundation to have a “Rose Gold” formula, which is an additional formula that contains rose gold as its main ingredient.

The brand said that rose gold can be used in place of rose and that the brand will be “exploring” the idea of using rose gold in cosmetics.

Dior has been a leader in the cosmetics industry for years.

The company makes a wide variety of products, including foundation, skincare, and hair care products.

The products range from the premium products that are often touted as “premium” to the more “trendy” brands that offer affordable beauty.

Dioner is no stranger to innovation.

In 2013, the brand launched the first line of foundation in history.

Dior had already launched the new “Gift of Beauty” product line, which was initially launched in 2009.

The first foundation in the new line was a rose.

The foundation is expected to launch in stores starting in late March.


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