‘We have to get to the bottom of this’: Dermal-Lamp-Based Vaccine for Autism Spectrum Disorder is ‘dead’

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The US government has officially withdrawn the controversial vaccine for the “autism spectrum disorder” called Dermal Lamp.

The announcement was made by US President Donald Trump in a statement to reporters on Monday.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) had announced the withdrawal on Friday, citing concerns that the vaccine might cause adverse reactions and death.

“As a result of the withdrawal of this product, the Federal Government will no longer be able to provide clinical trials of this vaccine in humans, and no new vaccine development will be permitted under this title,” the statement said.

The withdrawal means that the Dermal Lamp vaccine is no longer available to use in the US, but its makers, AstraZeneca, say it will continue to work on developing new therapies.

The company says it will work with the government to continue development of new therapies that “will protect people with ASD”.

This is not the first time the drug has been withdrawn for safety reasons.

In September, it was announced that the drug was no longer being developed.

Earlier this year, the FDA pulled the Dermabend vaccine from the market after it became clear that it could be dangerous.

The vaccine was made up of a combination of two compounds called 2-methoxy-D-diethyl-1,2,3-triazole and the vaccine itself is composed of two proteins called MIP-1 and MIP2.

The decision to withdraw the drug from use is being seen as a setback for researchers working on developing newer therapies to combat autism spectrum disorder.

The FDA has said that it is reviewing the decision and will decide again in the coming months.

The Dermablender Foundation has also criticised the decision, saying the vaccine is “dead”.

“We have no idea what happened to the vaccine, but we have no choice,” said Dermabelle Faz, DermalLamp’s co-founder.

“This vaccine is dead.

It’s like they are saying that they don’t know what happened.””

This is a complete and utter shame, because this vaccine has saved thousands of lives.

Dermal is the safest and most effective vaccine on the market today,” she added.

The drug was also widely used in the developing world, with children around the world having been given doses as young as two weeks old.


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