Which animal rescue group will get most funding in 2016?

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A group that raises awareness of the plight of animals in animal shelters is set to receive the lion’s share of funding from the American Veterinary Medical Association this year.

The American Veterinary Association is giving Animal Rescue Foundation, which helps animals in shelters across the country, a total of $6.5 million.

The money will be used to help train veterinarians, expand facilities, develop training programs, and to expand veterinary care and education.

It will be distributed through the American Academy of Animal Behavior and Welfare, a nonprofit organization that provides services to shelters.

Animal Rescue’s founder, Nancy Deutsch, said in a statement that the money will allow the organization to increase training and resources for animal rescuers.

“I have been in rescue for almost 50 years, and this is a huge deal for us,” Deutsch said.

“This money will help us get better trained, get better homes, and hopefully save the lives of the animals in our care.”

The money also will help Animal Rescue raise money for the shelter, which is in the midst of a major expansion.

Animal rescue is a broad term for rescues that assist animals and their families in finding and finding homes for them.

The AVPW has been working with the Animal Rescue foundation for years to provide services to animals in need.

“The American Veterinary Federation is a wonderful organization, and we’re proud to be a part of their program,” Animal Rescue board member and executive director Rebecca Daley said in the statement.

“Our work is vital to helping thousands of animals every year.

These funds will enable us to continue our work, and will help ensure that animals in these shelters are safe and secure in their homes.”

The American Animal Medical Association and the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists have also worked to expand animal shelter programs, with the AAVBA and AVPB contributing $1.3 million each to animal rescue over the past decade.

AAVBS, the group that represents the American Association of Animal Behavioural Therapists, will receive $500,000 for its first year of funding, while AAVB, the American Animal Veterinary Medical Assn., will receive an additional $200,000.

Both organizations have programs to train and provide care for pets.

Animal Health & Hospitality, the pet-friendly nonprofit that provides meals for animals in emergency situations, will get $2.3 billion from the AVPF.

The organization also plans to expand its operations.

“We are thrilled to receive this funding to support our mission and work to make animal shelters a more welcoming and caring environment for pets,” CEO Brian Molloy said in an AAVFS news release.

“As our mission grows, so will our work.

We hope to provide a safe, comfortable environment for our pets to live out their lives, which will ultimately help save lives.”

The AAVF and AAVBs are also providing support for the American Humane Association’s “One Humane,” a nonprofit that will use the money to help rehabilitate pets who are euthanized or surrendered by shelter staff.

The nonprofit, which was founded in 1996 and has over 3,000 members, rehabilitates animals and provides a place to get in touch with their family.

The program has a long history in animal advocacy, and Animal Health and Hospitality has helped thousands of pets.

“Animal Health & H.A.A., founded in 1987, is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming pets in shelters,” said David Hahn, a director of the AHA’s Animal Health program.

“It provides a safe and loving home for pets that have been abandoned or surrendered.

This grant will help expand our efforts to make sure our community-based programs are well-funded and able to help pets recover.”

Animal Rescue is also giving $2 million to Animal Health to expand and expand the organization’s facilities.

The foundation is working to make more facilities available for animal care in shelters.

“While we are always committed to building new facilities, we are grateful to have this funding from our AAVFF partner, Animal Rescue, to expand our facilities,” Daley told the AP.

“And we’re confident that our animals will be well-represented in our new facilities.”

The fund will be allocated through the AVAH Foundation, a charitable foundation that provides resources and supports animal rescue and animal welfare programs.

AVAHS, which has $300 million in assets under management, has also helped to create programs that support animal welfare in the U.S. and abroad.


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