Australia: What we know about the ‘slab’ foundation

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This week the foundation has issued a statement of its findings.

It states that the slab foundation has been “moved into a more sustainable position” with the intention of continuing to provide services in a more efficient way.

“Our work to date has shown that the foundation is a very effective model for supporting sustainable and equitable development,” it says.

The foundation says that while it has experienced a reduction in funding in recent years, it has made significant progress since its establishment in 2013.

“It has made a significant contribution to the wellbeing of Australia’s Indigenous people and communities,” it said.

It says the foundation will be operating in the same way as it did when it was founded in 2013, with “substantial improvements to our operations, technology and funding.”

The foundation is currently working on a report to support its future development.

It also says it is in discussions with some Aboriginal communities about “how we can continue to work in partnership with them to improve the quality of life and livelihoods for their people”.

It says there is “great enthusiasm” about its work in Australia and around the world.

What we do not know: the foundation says the “slab” foundation’s “fundraising has not been a factor in the decline of funding”.

The foundation’s president, Peter Kuklinski, said the foundation would continue to support and work with its “partners”.

“We are working hard to provide better services to Aboriginal people,” he said.

“We continue to have some of the lowest rates of Indigenous suicide in the world.”

The Australian Financial Journal contacted the foundation for comment.

What are the ‘Slab foundations’?

A slab is a kind of foundation that is a form of infrastructure built to house the waste and recyclable materials produced by a business or organisation.

They are usually made of wood or metal.

The slabs are used as storage containers for garbage, household waste and household goods.

There are several slabs across Australia and the United States, but the most common are found in the Western suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne.

The first slabs were built by local mining companies in the 1840s.

Slab foundations are also used to store agricultural waste in a factory.

The Australian Federation of Independent Business says that since 2005, the slabs have “been used as a primary waste disposal facility in the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand, as well as other countries”.


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