How to find the perfect football shirt in a hurry

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By Paul Joseph WatsonFirst published: 18 August 2018 19:18:05The sport of football is no stranger to controversy.

It has been a controversial subject for decades, with players in many different nations taking part in controversial antics.

The FA have been quick to address the controversy, however, when they announced their intention to make changes to the rules governing players and their shirts.

But how to find a football shirt that fits your style?

Here are 10 things to look out for when it comes to football shirts.1.

The shirt must be well made and fittedThis is a simple rule, but it is important to be aware that a good football shirt must have a good fit.

A good fit means that the shirt will not move in and out of your body, meaning it will stay in place.

If a shirt feels too loose, this can cause a gap between the collar and the front of the shirt.

If the collar is too tight, the shirt can be uncomfortable.2.

The player must have the right height and buildThe length of the sleeves must be at least 1.5 times the height of the players torso.3.

The back of the shirts neck must be in a good positionThe collar must not be too low or too high.4.

The shirts waist must be snug and comfortably shapedThe waist is the part of the body where you sit, as well as the front.

A shirt should be snug at the waist.5.

The neck of the player must be comfortably tucked into the neckline.

A neckline is the area of the neck where the neck meets the top of the shoulder blades.

If a shirt is too wide, the neck will appear too large.6.

The collar must be comfortableThe collar should be comfortable and not too long.7.

The sleeves should be in good shapeThe sleeves should not be oversized.8.

The top of each shirt should touch the chestThe top of your shirt should not hang down or hang down at the sides of your neck.9.

The front of your jersey must be clearly visibleThe front of a shirt should have a clear top and sides.10.

The fabric should be of a good qualityA shirt made of a high quality fabric will help keep the shirt in place and protect the neck.


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