The 10 best beauty and grooming products for animals

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The top 10 best cosmetic and grooming treatments for animals, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), have been announced.

The charity said the 10 best-selling products are a range of essential ingredients for skin, hair and nails, which can help to minimise pain, inflammation and stress to the animals that rely on them.

They include:AuraClinique® Natural Healing Skin Cleanser , $7.49, is a light-reflective gel that uses microalgae extracts, water and vitamins to moisturise and restore skin’s natural barrier, it said.

The formula was formulated to help reduce signs of ageing and reduce signs that the skin is becoming more dry and brittle, it added.

The Clarins Advanced Skin Conditioner , an exfoliant, is formulated to heal and protect the skin and reduce the appearance of age spots.

The foundation includes a range foaming and exfoliating tools for the face, face-lift products for the lips and a facial wash.

The company said it also had a range that was formulated specifically for pets.

The cosmetics and body wash, which comes in three sizes, are designed to soften, exfoliate and remove fine lines, scars and other signs of aging and acne.

The facial wash is formulated for the cheeks and is made of aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil, it says.

The foundations contain microalgafel oil, which helps to reduce the amount of dead skin cells in the skin.

The hair products include Nourish your hair for a smooth, healthy and radiant finish, and Natural Hair, a hair oil that helps to nourish and repair hair.

The nail care products include Molli’s Natural Shine Nail Lacquer and Nourishing Nail, it adds.

The dog shampoo is the Nurex Dog Treats Pure Naturals.

The animal foundation, which is a collection of seven essential ingredients, includes:Aureal Beauty™ Eye Care Gel , $4.79, which has a specially formulated formula that is infused with plant-based ingredients to deliver moisture, brightening and nourishing benefits.

The skin care products are made with aloe, jojobium, joey wood and coconut oil, according the charity.

The skincare products include a range containing:Aurora Natural Beauty Serum, $12.49 for men, $19.99 for women, $28.99 per box for women and $39.99 with a box of four for men.

The face mask, which includes: a face brush, a facial peel, a brow gel and a brow mask, is made from coconut oil and joeywood, it states.

The grooming products include Natural Shampoo, a product that helps with hair care and provides an all-natural and hypoallergenic formulation, and Nature’s Natural Nourishment Gel, a natural and hypochlorous acid-free formulation that contains coconut oil to help maintain moisture in the hair.


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