The Huda Foundation: ‘We don’t need to worry about the Kardashians’ influence on the foundations’ editorial

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Huda is one of the oldest foundations in the world, and is renowned for its high-quality products and high-fashion-savvy employees.

But the foundation is also under fire from some women who say the Kardashian star’s influence on their brands is making them less focused on their foundations.

A new study found that many women who work for Huda believe that the Kardashion influence on its products and brand are making their products more expensive.

The Hula House Foundation study also found that about a quarter of women said they were less likely to buy a foundation that was made by Huda because of Kardashian’s influence.

The study, conducted by the foundation’s executive director, Maryam Shamsi, is the first to examine whether Huda’s brand image is affected by Kardashian’s popularity.

In the study, the Hula house brand received an average score of 5.8 out of 10 in the five categories that measure perceived influence on brands.

That’s higher than the average score for other top-performing foundations.

The foundation also received a score of 8.4 out of 100 on a measure of perceived brand influence that measures perceived influence based on a brand’s social media reach.

A study released last week by the company found that Huda had seen an increase in brand reach among millennial women over the last few years.

It found that, among women between 18 and 34, the company’s brand reach has grown by 50 percent over the past three years, from 1.6 million followers to 4.1 million followers.

It also said that the number of followers of the Huda brand had doubled since last year, to more than 1.5 million followers, as women started to follow the brand on social media.

The survey of more than 7,000 women who worked at the Hudda Foundation and its subsidiary, Huda, found that a substantial number of the women who said they felt like their brands had become more expensive were female, and that the women felt more comfortable buying products made by the Hudas because they were more familiar with the brand.

Some of the respondents said they feel like they are not able to compete with brands like Uniqlo and Louis Vuitton, the brands whose brands are often considered the most prestigious in the industry, according to the study.

Some women said that Hudabes products cost more than they should because of their celebrity.

The majority of the survey respondents who had a positive perception of Huda said they have been the victims of harassment, and about half said they had been physically harassed by a Huda employee, according the study by The Hill.

Women who had an unfavorable view of Hudabs brands were more likely to have reported feeling unsafe at work because of the celebrity status of the brands.

About 40 percent of respondents said that they had experienced physical harassment or bullying at work, according a third of the study’s respondents.

A survey of Huddas employees conducted by The Huddabes and The Huds said that about two-thirds of those who responded said they witnessed harassment or intimidation at work.

Huda spokesperson Maryam Schamsi said in a statement to The Hill that the Huzzies “do not tolerate bullying or harassment, or any form of discrimination in any form,” and that it “does not tolerate harassment, bullying or any type of discrimination” in any setting.

Hudhabs brand name is the name of a Hula, a popular Hula-like character from the Hurda family.

Hula is a Spanish word that means “pierced.”

In the Hulabas name, the letters “H” stand for “Hudab.”

The Hudah brand is the Hadi-hudah, meaning “he who is pierced.”

It means “he pierced by the fire.”

The name Huda comes from the name Hadi, which is a term for a female prostitute.

The brand name Hudi is a play on the Huelah, a Persian name that means, “one who pierces the fire with his own hands.”

Huda was founded in 2005 and is one the oldest companies in the Hudi family.

In 2015, Hudis founder, Omar Huda-Hudah and his father, Omar, founded Huda Capital Management LLC, which owns and manages the Hada Labo Foundation.

Omar Hudabi is the founder of HadaLabo, a nonprofit that works to empower women in Egypt.

The family also owns the company, Hada, which operates in the Middle East.

Hada has raised $4.4 billion in venture capital since 2004.

Omar has been a long-time philanthropist, and he is also a board member of the Egyptian government.

His son, Omar Juma, is currently the president of the United Arab Emirates.

According to the HUD Foundation, Hadi’s foundation has supported more than 500 million women


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