Ileana Ros-Lehtinen on Ilea Ros-Herbert, the foundation’s founder

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Ileana Rosher, the founder of the Ileanian Foundation, has been on trial for embezzlement, fraud and tax evasion, and has been under investigation for alleged financial improprieties for years.

Her trial is scheduled to begin on March 16, but her lawyer has yet to appear.

Rosher has maintained that she was not being investigated, and her lawyers have argued that there are no irregularities.

Ros-Herberts father, former Ileanan Targaryen Prime Minister, and current deputy Prime Minister in the coalition government, is currently under investigation.

He is accused of receiving a commission for building a private home on land owned by Roshers father.

The government is also investigating the finances of Ileann Targaryens foundation, which was founded by Roshelter and is controlled by Roshenter.

The foundation’s founders, the late Ileanas Rosher and Ileene Targaryos, were accused of being the founders of the foundation.

Roshelter said in a statement that her clients were innocent.

“Ileana was a woman who never used her power to enrich herself or anyone else,” the statement read.

“Her father was a friend and lover of my family, and I have the utmost respect for him.

I have no reason to believe she has violated any law or policy.

It is just an accusation and a politically motivated accusation.”

The foundation is based in a two-story building in a small suburb of Istanbul.

It was named for Ileans parents and was originally called the Ilta Foundation.

It received its name from a family that had a house on that property.

Roshenter is one of the most powerful figures in Turkey.

He was the prime minister from 1999 to 2007.

The court will also decide on whether the former Iltas Targaryas should be allowed to stand trial in the case.


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