Revlon, Airbrush Foundation and Airbrush CEO discuss their funding challenges

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(AP) Airbrush founder and CEO Kevin Buell has a new challenge: finding enough money to fund his foundation’s programs, while he tries to get the company’s airbrush business off the ground.

The founder of the makers of the popular airbrush brand is facing a new hurdle in getting his foundation to make money.

Buell says the company is struggling financially due to the lack of funds, but he’s not blaming the company.

He said Airbrush has had to pay for the airbrush and other equipment it uses in its clinics and clinics for people with cancer.

Buhl said his foundation has a couple of grants, but that they’ve been unable to pay back the full amount of the grants.

The foundation received a $500,000 grant last year, but the grants have been unable pay back that amount.

Buerll said he believes the foundation needs to find $1 million to pay the airblaster business off.

He has raised about $3 million in funding for the company since the end of January, according to an email obtained by The Associated Press.

Airbrush’s airblasters, which are designed to produce high-quality bubbles, are used by thousands of patients worldwide and are used for a variety of conditions, including asthma, cancer and many other conditions.

The company’s biggest market is the U.S., but it also has a market for airblasts in Europe, Australia, South America and Asia.

It also makes airbladders for the cosmetics industry, including Lancome, the world’s largest manufacturer of high-end eyeliners.

Bucell said the foundation has received grants to support its programs and is hoping to raise another $1.5 million to help pay for additional programs.

Büll said Airblurts are made from two main ingredients, aloe vera and lanolin, and that the company was already looking to develop an airbrush that can be customized.

Buella told investors that Airbrush is looking to make a new line of products that include a range of other materials that can improve its product and its brand.


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