Why dior Forever Foundation has no ‘dior forever’ label

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dior has never formally acknowledged a “dior Forever” foundation in the past.

The company has maintained it has no affiliation with the brand, which it owns and owns the brand.

But a New York Times report published on Monday alleges that dior’s founder, Bernard Arnault, began to create the brand around the same time as Arnault’s daughter, Rebecca, began her own foundation.

The report cites a 2016 email from Arnault that indicates his daughter was seeking help with her foundation and asking for an interview with dior.

“I’m not interested in creating a brand, or building a brand,” she wrote.

“I just want to have a foundation with a dior name on it.

I’m looking for someone to help me create this and have it be a dori brand.”

In a statement, dior said that the “dori brand is a name that was created for the purpose of being unique and has been since the beginning.

This is a very important point to understand, since it is important to us that dori remains as synonymous with dori as possible.”

The Times of Indian also cited two emails from Arnaults daughter that state that daniels foundation has been around for several years.

The foundation’s foundation is now being called the “Dori Foundation,” which was first reported by the Indian news website, The Times Of India.

The dior foundation has remained a relatively unknown brand in India, which has about 2.5 million registered social media accounts.

It has more than 11 million followers on Instagram and has more on Twitter than any other social media platform.

The company’s website has remained relatively stable, with just 2,500 updates in the last month, compared to more than 50,000 in the same period last year.

But the Times of Indians report said that dmi, which is diors official logo, was “disappearing” from the site.

The Times report said dior was founded in 2005 and its flagship brand, dori, was launched in 2016.

But Arnault did not make any public statements about the company before that date.

dior, which also has other products such as dori pants, dani shoes and dori watches, does not list its products on its website.

The New York Post also published an email from a daniel spokesperson that the foundation was not founded by Arnault and has since been passed to his daughter, who was then working on her own, as well as to other danieling employees.

danielles statement reads in part, “We have always been committed to respecting our corporate and employee identities and are proud to say that diri is a brand created by Rebecca Arnault.”


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