What’s in a name? Here’s a guide to what to consider when naming your property

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Posted January 10, 2020 09:11:24We’re all familiar with names like “Sierra” or “Ski Run” that don’t quite have the same ring of reality.

But what if the name actually came from a real place?

We asked some experts what the real reason is behind names like those and how they could be improved. 

And here’s what they had to say:It has been said that names are the result of people thinking, ‘what if?’

It’s also known as ‘names in motion’.

It is a process where a person tries to imagine what they want to say or name.

For example, “Pizza” might sound cool in the beginning, but eventually it becomes the name of a restaurant.

So it takes a while for the idea to become clear.

In the real world, a lot of the time, we have to think about names as a collective.

When we think about a particular place, we think of a place that we know, because we see it on a map.

That way, we can be more specific and make connections.

For instance, we might be thinking about where the people who worked on this building came from, and if they were part of the original crew.

It’s a lot easier to visualize the place as a whole.

So, if you have a name like “Pine Bluff,” that is a real thing, but it may sound like an abstract concept.

You might also need to rethink it when you hear the word “pigeon.”

It’s the perfect name for a bird, because it’s not just a name for the animal, but a name that refers to the whole community.

In many cases, the name you think of when you think about the name can also have a meaning.

If you’re thinking of “Taco Bell,” it could be the name for someone who owns a restaurant in the area, or it could refer to the city that the restaurant operates in.

A lot of times, you can think of the word for something that is familiar, but not a name, and use that as a starting point.

For instance, if someone has a name “Pioneer” it’s a name they’ve had for decades, but they haven’t used for decades.

If someone has an urban legend about a restaurant called “Casa Santa Rosa,” that’s a good name.

The same goes for the names of famous landmarks.

When someone names a building, they might use a name of some sort that reminds them of the building, like “The Crystal Palace.”

This article originally appeared on Buzzfeed.


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