Why we need a new national sleep foundation to combat the rise of the bed bug

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Posted November 06, 2018 13:29:55 When we’re tired, we need some sleep.

The best way to combat sleep apnea and the spread of bed bugs is to get enough sleep, the National Sleep Foundation says.

And in Australia, the new national bed-bug sleep foundation will be set up next year.

In a press release, the foundation says bed-bugs are “a serious health and safety threat” and is working to develop a national sleep strategy.

The foundation’s mission is to “help Australians and all Australians to sleep better, and stay healthier”.

Its CEO, James Tull, says there’s a need for more research and funding for sleep research.

“If we don’t invest in our sleep research and research to develop better sleeping strategies and we don-t fund that research, it’s going to be a very expensive mistake,” he said.

Mr Tull said the foundation has spent $10 million on research into bed bugs.

He says bed bugs can transmit a range of diseases including tuberculosis, pneumonia and colds.

And he says the best way for Australians to protect themselves against bed bugs, and prevent bed-sharing, is to: Get adequate sleep (it’s recommended every hour of every night) Don’t sleep in your car or outside, or in a crowded area such as your office or school.

Read a book about bed bugs and find out how to make your own bed bug-proof bed Get tested for bed bugs (use a reputable company such as Australia’s National Health Service, Health Protection Agency or Australia Institute) Be diligent about avoiding bed-sharers and other people who share beds.

Take the time to read the bedbug warning signs and get professional advice from a health professional.

For more on bed bugs: https://www.sbsleepfoundation.org.au/media/release/national-sleep-foundation-be-sick-about-bed-bugs/


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