Mattress Foundation unveils a new line of mattresses and mattresses with a ‘wonderful’ blend of black and white in a $20m investment

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A new line from the Mattress foundation has created a new palette for a collection of mattress products with a range of black-and-white tones.

The mattresses are called the “Wonderful Blend of Black and White” and the products will go on sale at the end of this month for $20 a pop.

The foundation is aiming to attract a younger demographic with a focus on women of colour and millennials who are looking for comfort and style.

The Mattress family launched the foundation with a goal of helping people achieve “the dream of a fully functional, well-made home and office, all with a touch of style”.

The new range of mattres includes a range that includes mattresses that feature a range.

One is a black- and-white sofa with black and gold accents, another is a white- and black sofa with red accents, and a white sofa with purple accents.

Mattress brand Mattress has said the line will also include mattresses for use as beds, and the foundation is targeting to have 100 mattresses in the UK by 2019.

“With a new range being launched, we’re taking the Mattresses brand to a new level,” Mattress founder and CEO Kate McInnes told Business Insider.

“Our new range is packed with stylish, luxurious and innovative mattresses to make your living room or office the best place to be for every day.”

It is a range designed with women and men of all ages, as well as women who prefer more natural colours and tones in their mattresses.

“She added that Mattress was looking forward to “delivering new products for our loyal customer base”.”

As a family-owned and operated company, we want our customers to feel confident about choosing our products, and I’m delighted to welcome all of our fans to our website,” McInnis added.

The company’s Mattress range also features a range in the “cool black” and “cool white” tones, which are similar to those of the foundation.

Mattresses in that range range will be available in the US and UK for the first time in the coming months, and will be in stores later this year.”

The Wonderful Blend line will appeal to our loyal customers who want to use a range as a bedside table, a bed, a couch, or a nightstand,” Mattresses spokesperson Kristina Tarkowski told Business Week.”

Mattresses for sale today have a wonderful range of natural and cool shades and colors to create a fun and unique bedroom space.

“The range also includes a selection of mattressed products for use in offices, including a “seamless and stylish desk” and a “perfect office chair” that features an “articulated backrest”.


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