Why the ‘elf’ foundation hotel in Detroit is the perfect hotel for the wealthy and famous to stay

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The hotel is in the heart of the former auto industry hub and it is home to a collection of prestigious hotels, including the Hotel du Pont de Nemours, which dates back to the 1700s.

The ‘elf foundation hotel’ in Detroit.

Source: Instagram/elf foundation Hotel duPont de Nemour is one of the most exclusive properties in the world.

But this hotel is only one of a series of luxurious properties that the ‘elf’ foundation, founded by the billionaire Richard DeVos, owns.

The foundation owns a number of properties in Detroit, including its iconic Wayne County Courthouse.

It also owns the Detroit Historical Society, and is the property of the Wayne County Historical Society.

The hotel is currently undergoing renovations, which will be completed in 2018.

According to the Detroit News, the ‘Elf Foundation’ has a net worth of $1.9 billion.

It has a large number of hotels in different cities around the US, including Detroit, Detroit, Miami, Philadelphia, New York and Atlanta.

It is home not only to the ‘The Detroit Hotel’ but also its other properties.

The hotel has a number that are owned by the ‘Crown Jewels’, the Rothschilds, the Rothschild family and other billionaires.

The most expensive property is the $1 million-plus Wayne County Museum of Art (WMMA), which has a 10,000 square foot exhibition hall, a 50-foot tall bronze sculpture of a statue of Elizabeth Taylor and a museum-quality glass building.

The museum has been a fixture in Detroit for decades.

The Detroit Heritage Center is the only museum that has a full exhibition hall and a glass building, which it describes as “an essential piece of architectural design in a city with a long history of architectural diversity”.

The museum is also home to the “Pioneer’s Art Gallery”.

The hotel, which has been open for just under two years, has attracted the attention of many celebrities. 

The Detroit Red Wings have been known to visit the hotel during the Stanley Cup Finals.

Actors including Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lopez are guests of honour at the hotel, as are celebrities such as Cher, Alicia Keys and Cher’s daughter and pop star, Kendall Jenner.

Other celebrities who have stayed at the Wayne Hotel include Mark Wahlberg, Kate Winslet and Sarah Jessica Parker.

In addition to being a major tourist attraction, the hotel also has a variety of amenities that can appeal to wealthy and elite guests.

It includes a full bar, lounge and a fitness centre, which are all fully furnished.

The rooms feature private bathrooms and a fully-equipped kitchen.

There is also a full-service restaurant, complete with a chef who can create and cook special meals for the guests.

The Wayne Hotel has also become a centre for fashion and fashion-related events.

In 2015, it hosted the ‘Golden Girls’ and the ‘Vogue’ fashion shows.


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