How the Obama Foundation helped Obama’s daughter, Michelle, get a job

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The Obama family’s charitable foundation gave Michelle Obama a job as a volunteer in 2010 and helped her get a doctorate in public policy in 2013, records show.

But that was before the Obamas became a public face for the Clintons, who are now facing new scrutiny over whether they broke the law by accepting $675,000 in cash donations and other gifts from the Clinton Foundation while running for president.

The foundation has paid $1.3 million in legal bills and expenses related to a 2016 conflict of interest investigation into how the Obams received millions of dollars from foreign governments, according to a report from the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch also released a video of the former president saying he was a fan of Obama’s but that he could not speak for him, and said the foundation paid for his plane tickets.

The videos show former president Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, and former president Bill Clinton at a fundraiser in 2012, when they each accepted $250,000 each.

In the video, the former President Obama says he had dinner with his wife and thanked her for being a champion of his daughters.

He says he wanted to see her “because I want her to be proud of us.

I want to see that she is proud of the work that we do in terms of bringing children up in a better world, and I also wanted to give her the opportunity to go out and have a life of her own.”

Former president Bill Clintons attend a fund-raiser in 2011, when the former couple accepted $2 million in cash from the Clintons Foundation, according the video.

In that video, Bill Clinton said he was “not a fan” of Obama, saying he believed the Clintons were a “political dynasty.”

Bill Clinton at the 2011 fundraiser, when he accepted $25 million in a cash-for-access deal.

In the video from 2013, the Obamas’ former chief of staff, Stephanie Cutter, said they both agreed the Obamanas were “a political dynasty.”

The Obamas’ son, Josh, is the head of the foundation, and his father-in-law, John Podesta, serves as chairman of the board of directors.

The Clintons have denied any wrongdoing and have defended the foundation and its charitable work as a good for the country.


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