How to build a foundation from scratch

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Posted October 07, 2018 09:16:11 A foundation needs to be a mix of the best ingredients.

When creating a foundation, you can’t just look at a few ingredients and assume it will work, says Andrea Bailes, owner of the Bailas foundation shop in downtown Los Angeles.

You have to be looking for a combination of ingredients that work together, she says.

So to create the foundation that you want, you have to look at all the ingredients together.

“You can’t think, ‘Oh, this is the foundation I want.’

That’s not how foundations work.”

Here are some of the ingredients to look for: *  “Mild cream” and “slightly cream” are a good start for a foundation that’s neutral, neutral-toned, and light-to-medium in color, says Bail, who works with more than 1,500 foundation brands and has more than 100 clients.

 If your foundation is too heavy in color or too light, Bail suggests a more neutral color for a smoother look.

*  Meadows is a strong, neutral, and medium-dark foundation.

It’s light-medium with a slight hint of green, she notes.

*Creamy cream is the way to go for a neutral-tone foundation, she adds.

*Dry powder, she suggests, is the next best thing.

“If you have a powder foundation, it’s not going to look right,” she says, adding that dry powder is perfect for any skin type.

The foundations you’re going to use are mostly neutral, she advises.

A primer and a blush are great options for light-skinned people, she explains, and a mascara can also add a bit of dimension.

There are many different types of foundation: light, medium, or dark, but Bail says a good foundation should have something in it to create a natural glow, a natural finish, and even a natural shine.

To add depth to a skin tone, she recommends adding a matte foundation to the top of your lid or on the cheekbones.

She also recommends applying foundation to your brow bone and blending out the crease to achieve the look of a fuller brow.

Some foundation shades are lighter than others, and if you prefer a darker, matte foundation, Bails suggests trying out a darker shade for a more natural look. 

Bail says there are a lot of factors that go into the perfect foundation, but she suggests the most important thing is for it to be easy to apply.

For a good product, she asks, look for a product that’s soft and creamy with a texture that feels moisturizing.

In her experience, she also says a product should be thick and lightweight, and should feel good on the skin.

And the last thing to look out for is the consistency of your foundation.

“It’s going to be thicker and thinner depending on what it is,” Bail points out.

Bail also recommends a product with a “moisturizing” consistency, which means it’s going’t dry your skin out and should be more comfortable to use.

If you’re looking for something a little more expensive, Boss says it’s a good idea to ask your local makeup shop to test the products on your skin.

“They’re really good,” she adds, “because they’re going through all the different ingredients, and they’re testing the products out on people.”

Here are some more foundation tips for beginners: *Make sure your foundation isn’t too thick, too light or too thin.

Too thick can dry out your skin and make it look more dry, and too thin can make your foundation look more glossy.

When choosing a foundation for beginners, look at the formulas to find one that’s comfortable for your skin, she warns.

As you work with the formulas, try using different shades and combinations.

You can try on different shades of foundation for different skin tones, Biles says.

What’s your favorite foundation?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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