How California Community Foundation’s ‘Shared Wealth’ Project Helped the Homeless in Sacramento

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The California Community Foundation, which is also known as the Shared Wealth Program, has been at the center of a national debate over whether the state should be using its tax breaks to provide grants to help homeless people find a permanent home.

The California state government has funded about $6 million in grant funds to the Shaved Wealth Program since it was created by Gov.

Jerry Brown in 2017.

The program has also provided grants to more than 60 organizations to help the homeless in the state, according to the foundation.

But now a new report from the nonprofit Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has highlighted how some of those grants have gone to organizations that are part of the California community and not necessarily in need of funding.

The report says some of the grant money has gone to groups whose sole purpose is to provide homeless people with housing and other services.

The California Community Grant Program (CCGP), which began in 2017, is one of several state grants that were recently suspended by California’s Office of the Attorney General.

The OAG said it was suspending the program because it “does not meet the standards of state funding for homeless programs.”

The California CCCP is designed to assist homeless people who are living in public housing and in other supportive housing facilities.

The program is meant to provide financial assistance to people living in the public housing system, but the California Department of Public Health and the California Office of Housing have argued that the grant program’s main purpose is solely to provide supportive housing to the homeless.

The CCCG grants are meant to be used for things like food, clothing, and other basic necessities.

But the grantees include a number of organizations that have been found to be not only not in need but also in violation of the state’s homeless program guidelines.

For example, the California Community Action Agency (CCCAA), a non-profit that helps people living on the streets find housing, was found to have failed to meet state guidelines on how to operate.

The organization was awarded $2.9 million in CCGP grant money for its “Community-Based Program to Assist Homeless Individuals and Families in the State of California.”

However, it has also been accused of “providing a variety of services, including shelter, clothing and shelter-related goods, to the general public without providing a single bed, toilet, shower, shower facilities, or medical care.”

The CCCCAA is also found to not have complied with the guidelines that the state has set out for it.

The CalCAA is one such non-profits.

In a statement, the organization said it “has provided shelter to more people than any other agency, in addition to the more than 2,000 homeless people and families in California.”

The organization said that its mission is to “help the most vulnerable members of our community find stable, permanent housing.”

But the report from IPT found that the CCCAA had received grants totaling $9,636.90 in 2017 alone, including a $1,000 grant for a shelter.

That money went to four organizations: a nonprofit called Community Action in Sacramento, a nonprofit named the Homelessness Resource Center, a local nonprofit called the California Homeless Support Network, and two organizations named the California Center for Advocacy and Research.

The CCCCCAA was also awarded a $500 grant for providing transitional housing to homeless families.

The nonprofit CCCS, a nonprofit that focuses on the homeless, received $2,500 for its homeless prevention program.

And the California Housing Authority (CHA) gave the nonprofit a $250 grant for its Homeless Youth Services and Housing Program.

All told, the CCCCC and CCS were awarded nearly $2 million in grants from the state since 2017, according.

It’s not the first time the CCCCA and CCG programs have come under scrutiny.

In December, California Gov.

Gavin Newsom announced a plan to suspend the programs, but not the money directly.


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