How to build a ‘glass roof’ with Google Glass

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It’s not a particularly new idea to build an indoor structure from materials that look like glass.

But Google has shown off its latest version of Glass on a more intimate level by building a ‘Glass roof’ out of a simple piece of cardboard.

Glass roof (Google) Google Glass roof (Bristol Architecture) Glass roof is the latest concept from the internet giant to combine the best of Google’s Glass designs with the best from Bristol Architecture.

The structure is a cardboard-covered roof which is folded flat on top of a concrete base, and then is covered in a thin layer of glass that is then covered in fiberglass to add some warmth and shading to the structure.

It’s essentially the same idea that Google put together in its first-ever Glass roof prototype last month.

Glass is an open-source product that lets anyone use it for all kinds of purposes, and Google is making a concerted effort to ensure it continues to grow with each new iteration.

The company has also created a free app that lets people use Glass to create new designs and to share them with their friends.

Google Glass is an innovative device that gives the wearer a glimpse of the world around them, allowing them to see how far away a building is from their own home.

It works by taking photos of buildings around the globe and then letting users search through photos from around the world to find a building they like.

It can then connect to nearby locations, find nearby restaurants and cafes, and make phone calls.

Google has made Glass a core part of its product, as the device is still available for purchase through its Google Play store.


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