What you need to know about the Marc Benioff and Dara Khosrowshahi foundation and its charitable arm, the Laura Mercier Foundation

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The Marc Benoemen Foundation is the oldest of the four major philanthropic foundations established by the late founder of eBay.

The foundation was founded in 2005 and is one of the oldest in the United States.

But the foundation has a new face: the Laura and Mark Mercier foundation.

Laura and Mark have been partners for the past three decades, and their partnership includes the creation of several notable philanthropic organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

One of their newest initiatives is the Marc and D.B. Mercier Fund, which is focused on bringing the Marc Mercier name to a growing number of communities around the world.

The Merciers own a private real estate development company, and in 2015, the Mercier family announced plans to develop the property in the Los Angeles suburb of Palmdale.

The idea for the fund was born during the presidential election, when the Benoeman family decided to help the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The Mercier’s are big fans of the presidential campaign of the real estate mogul.

When asked about the project, Laura and Dario said they had been looking for ways to raise money and help candidates in the election, and that was when they decided to put together a group of charities to help in the process.

“When you’re talking about the Trump campaign, you’re really talking about a very serious campaign,” Laura Merciers said.

“The way we looked at it, this is a chance for us to really get involved in a way that we never thought possible before.

We thought we would go in, and we thought that if we did it in a really way that was really thoughtful and meaningful, then we could really change the world.”

The Marc Benos have been a major force in California politics, with a number of successful political campaigns.

They are also prominent donors to the California Republican Party and to the party’s statewide headquarters.

The duo are also behind the foundation that is raising money for the family business, with the funds being donated to various charitable causes, including cancer research and education.

The couple have also donated millions of dollars to other foundations and political campaigns around the country.

The Laura and James Mercier have a history of philanthropy that stretches back more than 20 years.

The family first founded the Laura & James Mercantile Fund in 1994, and the foundation’s most recent contribution was more than $1 million to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Foundation in 2014.

In the past two years, the Benos, along with their husband, the late billionaire investor Carl Icahn, have also launched an organization to provide financial aid to children and families of people with disabilities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The foundation has also partnered with several other foundations to support the efforts of charities like the United Way of Southern California and the American Cancer Society.

Laura & James have given away more than 70 million shares of eBay stock to the foundation in the past few years, and they’ve also provided millions of shares of their own stock to a number other charities.

The pair also contributed millions to the American Red Cross.


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