Which is better: Dior’s Beauty Blender or Hourglass Foundation Stick?

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Beauty blender foundations can often be found for under $20.

They are lightweight, don’t break down and can last for years.

They’re easy to apply and work well in a variety of lighting situations.

For me, though, they’re the foundation for my hair and makeup, and I can’t live without them.

I find they last for up to three years on me and can help keep my makeup from looking too greasy.

But, I’ve found that if I want to maintain my flawless glow without breaking down, I use the Hourglass foundation sticks.

They have a higher shine but also are more hydrating, so they last longer.

Hourglass is my go-to foundation for day to day makeup.

I have no problem with its long-lasting formula, but it’s not the most hydrates foundation I’ve ever used.

This is because the Hourglasses have a softer texture and a smoother finish, which can make for a lighter, softer finish for my skin.

This formula is perfect for a smooth transition between your favorite foundation and your daily makeup routine.

But what about when you want to give your makeup a little extra boost?

For me this is where Hourglass foundations come in.

I’ve always been an advocate of Hourglass and have long been a fan of its light, hydrative formula.

I’m not a fan on the Hour Glasses because they don’t have the smoothest texture that I love from other Hourglass formulas.

This makes applying Hourglass to my face tricky.

I want it to be a smooth, soft, hygroscopic foundation, but when I’m trying to use it on my face, I don’t want to accidentally smudge my foundation.

I also want to make sure I get the right shade of Hourglassy for my face to achieve my makeup look.

For this reason, I also use the Beauty Blenders.

They tend to have a lighter texture, a better finish, and are less hydrated.

But I do have a few complaints with these beauty blenders, and that’s that they’re expensive.

The Beauty Blends are $20, and they are definitely worth it for the value.

For those of you who are considering the Hour Glass Foundation sticks, it’s a good idea to check out my guide on how to choose the best foundation sticks for the right price.

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