How to make a bed foundation in Photoshop

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I was in my apartment, looking for inspiration to make some bed frames and had a hard time finding a good foundation.

I was like, why don’t I just do it in Photoshop?

I knew that a bed frame is pretty basic.

It’s just a rectangular block of material with some edges.

But I couldn’t find a good one that was free of the problems I had with my other foundation designs, so I decided to try this one.

Here’s how.

Step 1.

Create a base layer.

You’ll need a base for your design to work on.

You can do it the old fashioned way: select your material, select the material you want to layer, and then select the layers that you want.

Step 2.

Create the frame.

In this case, the material that I chose was a piece of foamboard.

Go to the layer menu, and select “Layer.”

Next, you’ll want to select “Foldout,” then select “Overlay.”

Step 3.

Create your outline.

Go back to the top of the layer list and select the layer that you just created.

Go over the layer and select it.

If you’re using the original layer, select it from the list of layers and click “Layer,” then “Overlayer.”

Next go back to Layer menu and select all of the layers in the list and choose “Make Overlay.”

Step 4.

Create shadows.

Go under the layer you just made and select a shadow.

Step 5.

Add an outline.

This is where things get really interesting.

You want to fill your area with a light gray, like in the image above.

Then you want it to be a bit darker.

If there’s no light gray in the layer, it should be dark gray.

I went with a little bit of a white to make it stand out.

Step 6.

Add the highlights.

Now it’s time to add some highlights.

Go through the layers and select them all.

You’re going to want to choose the highlight layer.

Next, go over the highlight, and choose it.

I chose the layer with the dark gray and a bit of white, and used the brush tool to draw some shadows on the edges of the shadow.

Now that we have some highlights, we need to make our shadows.

Step 7.

Create shadow masks.

Go into the layers menu and go to the “Shape” option.

Go ahead and select your layer and then choose “Shadows.”

Next select the “Overlays” option and select one of your shadow masks that looks like this:Step 8.

Create some text.

I’ve chosen the text layer and put some text on it.

Next select it, and click on the “Layer” menu.

Then choose “Text.”

Now, we’re going be adding some text to our frame.

To do this, go to your text layer, go under the text menu and choose your text, then choose the text tool.

Step 9.

Add text to the text.

Go on top of your text and choose the “Text” tool.

You should see a line of text.

You may need to scroll through it to get it.

Now, go back under the layers list and go “Overline” and choose a text layer with a white background.

I used a dark gray, but you can use any color you want, or you can just make it a dark grey.

Step 10.

Add some text shadow.

Go onto the layer to the left of your frame and select some text you want the text to be on.

Next choose the layer from the layers popovers menu, then “Shadow.”

Step 11.

Make a line.

Now you want your text to go in the center of the frame, so select the text in the “text area” and then go over to the first line of the text that you have highlighted.

Now go back and select this line and move it to the right.

The text should be in the middle of the image.

Now select the mask that is over the text, and go over it.

You might have to go back through the text area to get the text there.

Step 12.

Make some text shadows.

Again, go on top and choose one of the mask layers that has a white or a dark color.

You need to use the brush to draw a shadow on the text on the image, or choose a dark, dark gray for the text you’re going for.

Go down the text and go under “Overwrite” and go on the layer called “Shadow,” then go to “Override.”

Next pick a text color and go up to the mask layer, then select it and click the “Mask” option, and finally go to layers popover menu and then “Shadow.”

Go on the mask and select an outline layer, like the one below.

Next go to mask layer and go in to the shadow layer and pick it, then go back down to the layers icon and go into the text palette. Select the


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