How to get rich with the Soros Foundation

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The Soros Foundation is giving the $500,000 house foundation a free run.

The foundation’s $1.5 million grant is meant to support a variety of projects, from a “new generation of health care workers and researchers to advance the development of innovative, affordable, and scalable health care solutions,” the foundation wrote on its website.

But the foundation is also giving away a home.

“With the gift, the house will provide a place for you to build an entrepreneurial family, invest in your career, and contribute to the greater good,” the house foundation wrote.

Soros is the grandson of a prominent Hungarian immigrant who built a fortune from real estate and helped launch the country’s successful privatization of public assets.

A New York Times profile of the foundation said the foundation has provided financial support for philanthropic initiatives around the world.

More: The House Foundation has provided $10.4 million in grants to a range of foundations around the globe, including the John F. Kennedy Center for Justice, the American Enterprise Institute, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Henry Luce Foundation, and the American Red Cross.

There is no limit to the number of grants that can be made by the foundation.

House Foundation spokeswoman Sara DeWitt said the grant will “go to an innovative philanthropic group working to create health care infrastructure in underserved areas of the world.”

The Soros Foundation has given $9.5 billion to charitable causes since 2010, according to its tax filing.


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