How to make Juvia’s Place a reality

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Juvia has taken over the space in the center of Tokyo, but the restaurant is still in the planning stages.

We spoke with one of its founders, Taku Tanaka, about the project, and what lies ahead for the brand.

How did Juvia take over the place in the middle of the city?

Taku Tanaka: When I first started working in the restaurant industry, it was in the 70s and 80s.

I had my own restaurant in Tokyo, and it was a place where you could get a hamburger for ¥2,000.

It was a lot of fun.

I would have a hamburgers for ¥6,000, and that’s a lot in those days.

I also made hamburgies, and people would come and have a good time.

In the past, we made hamburger in a place that was in front of the station.

At that time, the station was very busy, and we would come there for lunch and do our lunch there.

When I started working at Juvia, it became clear that this was not going to be a place for me to do lunch.

It would be more convenient for us to be on the train.

We would go there and have lunch there, and then we would go to another restaurant or a club.

It made sense that the restaurant should have the space for a lot more things.

We started working on the project a year ago, and at the end of the year, we finished the design.

We have already started preparing the restaurant, so it should open in November.

What is it about Juvia that makes it a perfect fit for the area?

We are aiming to have an outdoor dining area in Juvia.

It is a really interesting area, because the city has many different types of restaurants.

We want to provide a place to eat with a lot people, so that people can come there and enjoy their food.

We are planning to have a dining area that is not limited to just one person, so we will be able to have more people coming.

That’s why the project is focused on outdoor dining, so there are not many restaurants that are in a particular area.

It should also have a lot restaurants that can serve different types and sizes of food.

The idea is to offer more options for people to choose from, so they can enjoy their meals in the right way.

How are you planning to get people to come and try the restaurant?

We have a small, open area that we are starting with now, and the intention is to have the restaurant open as soon as possible.

We will open it in a few months.

What’s the plan for the restaurant’s opening?

We plan to have it open at the beginning of November, so the restaurant will be open for the first week or so.

What we want to do is give the guests a chance to try a different kind of food and enjoy the food, so people can also choose their meals based on what they want to eat.

When you come to Juvia and order from us, we want you to feel like you are in the city of Tokyo.

It will be a nice experience.

I will give you a chance, but you have to choose your meal.

How many people will be there?

It’s a very small restaurant.

We only have two chefs, so at the start we had around 20 people at the moment.

We also plan to expand that in the future.

We think it is a great concept for a new restaurant, because it will provide a new option to people who want to try different kinds of food, because there are no other options.

What are the benefits of having an outdoor space?

The food is a very popular item in Japan.

We like the idea of having a place in a city that has an outdoor restaurant.

I am really looking forward to the idea, because if it becomes a regular thing in Japan, it will make a huge impact.

Juvia is a restaurant that has always been based in Tokyo.

We were always a little bit isolated from Tokyo, so when we opened Juvia in the late 90s, the concept was to open a restaurant on the outskirts of Tokyo that was closer to the city.

We decided that we would be closer to Tokyo, because we had so much experience in the field of food preparation.

What has been the biggest challenge of opening Juvia?

We haven’t faced any difficulties.

We haven’t had any issues with any of the public in the area.

I have been able to do this for many years, and there hasn’t been any problems.

We tried to take advantage of the space as much as possible, and I think it worked out well.

How does Juvia have plans for the future?

We want to be able do more in the next few years.

The food will definitely be growing in the near future.

What I would like to do next is open up a restaurant in the centre of Tokyo at a very different location.

I think that would be a great


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