How To Build A Complete House In 6 Easy Steps

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The house, which is only five floors tall, can accommodate five people, but you won’t be able to use your bathroom in there.

Instead, the house will be connected to the street by a series of underground passages that connect to the ground floor.

It is meant to be the ultimate in eco-friendly living.

Read more:How to build a complete house in 6 Easy StepHow to Build A Perfect Home: A Guide To Creating A New Home With The Right MaterialsIn an effort to build this house, the team at the Akka architecture firm built the whole thing from scratch.

The team went through the entire process from beginning to end and managed to build the house in just six months.

The team spent about 1,000 hours on building the house and, as you can see in the video above, it is definitely worth it.

The house is meant for two people.

It has a ground floor, an upper floor, a basement and a third floor.

You can use the space for living, sleeping and cooking.

You also have a kitchen and a bathroom.

The entire building is made of concrete and steel.

It will be able support three people, which translates to a total of six people living in the house.

There are a lot of details to this house: the main living area is made from two stories, and the kitchen is separated into three different areas.

The house also features a roof and two separate bedrooms.

This is how the house looks from the ground.

It also has a lot going on inside.

This is the basement.

The floor level is covered in white tiles, which help the house absorb water.

There are also four stairwells that lead up to the roof.

The ground floor houses a living room and a dining room.

There is also a large kitchen area, and a storage room for all the furniture.

The kitchen is also connected to a large living area.

The first floor houses the living area, the kitchen and the bathroom.

This area is also equipped with two large bedrooms.

The bathroom has a sink, but the bathroom itself is not equipped with a sink.

The main living room is also an area for the living room.

The living area has a large room with a chair, a table and a sofa.

The sofa is also used for a dining table.

The second floor has a bedroom, a living area and a sitting area.

There also is a large bathroom with a shower, but it’s not equipped for a shower.

The shower is used for washing dishes.

The third floor houses an office.

The office has a coffee table, a desk and a chair.

The chair is also attached to a table.

In the kitchen, the entire kitchen is connected to an open space.

There’s also a kitchen sink and a refrigerator.

There is also room for two bedrooms.

It features a large bathtub, a tub and a vanity.

This space is also filled with a small sink, a toilet and a washing machine.

A few more details: There is a small kitchen area where you can make meals.

There may also be a laundry room.

The kitchen is equipped with refrigerators.

The room is connected with an open area.

The sink is connected directly to a small toilet.

There will also be two bathrooms in the living space.

There’s also an outdoor garden area, which the team said will also give you a place to relax and play outdoors.

This includes an outdoor terrace.


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