Lena Dunham’s Foundation Reveals the Secret Behind her ‘Glamorous’ Eyeshadow Set

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Lena Dunham has created a new foundation for the first time, which is reportedly designed to help women look and feel more glamorous.

The brand, Gatsby, announced in a press release that the foundation is designed to give women the appearance of “blurring the line between fashion and beauty.”

It’s the first foundation Dunham has put out since her debut season on Girls, in which she also played the title character, but she says the foundation will be “more accessible to women of all ages and shapes.”

The new foundation is set to launch in March, and the foundation’s description says that it will give women “the confidence and confidence-boosting tools that they need to look and sound like their dreams.”

The foundation will feature an array of eye shadows, makeup brushes, blush, eye shadows and lip colors.

The company also teased a brand new line of makeup for Girls’ second season, and said that the brand was inspired by Lena Dunham, who is known for her “fiery style and outrageous looks.”

The brand is offering a line of blush for $19, blush creams for $29 and lip glosses for $49.

The foundation is also expected to include a “glamorous and luxurious lip gloss” for $39.

The first iteration of the new foundation was unveiled on Monday, but the brand has yet to officially release a teaser of the brand’s products.


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