What happened at the Detroit Foundation?

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A year after the death of the founder of the Detroit foundation, the city and the country were left reeling as the public struggled to get answers to questions about the causes of the devastating flooding that devastated the city in April 2017.

The Detroit Foundation has been at the centre of the crisis, and the first time the foundation has been called to account, the response was less than inspiring.

In March 2017, the foundation said it had found water damage in four of its offices.

The response, however, was slow and was hampered by the fact that the buildings were in poor condition.

It was unclear why the foundation did not get to the buildings immediately. 

The lack of communication was particularly troubling when, just two months after the disaster, the Detroit City Council voted to remove the foundation from all city contracts and to allow the foundation to continue operating without any funding.

A year on, a series of investigations have shed light on the foundation’s actions, its financials and the impact of the disaster on its work.

Among the issues the Detroit community and the city have struggled with is the fact the foundation never went to court to seek compensation from the city, but instead, decided to move its operations to the state, according to one former employee.

The Detroit City Attorney’s Office has also investigated the foundation.

In April 2017, after months of negotiations, the Foundation agreed to pay $1.7 million in the city’s coffers to cover the cost of repairing the buildings.

“The foundation did what the city did to the other cities’ problems,” the former employee said.

“We did the same thing to the foundation and got the money.”

But the foundation also made a series on how it paid its bills, and found it was not in good shape financially.

According to a document obtained by the Guardian, the fund had $3.7m in debt at the end of April 2017 but still had $5.4m in reserves.

A year later, the money has grown to $6.5m, according the document, but the debt is still $1m.

Despite its problems, the organization is still open and continuing to help people. 

“We are very proud of the work that we’ve done,” the foundation told the Detroit Free Press.

“[We] have done it with a sense of humour and a sense that we can take our work forward.”

The city’s response to the flood was excellent, but we did not go to court.

“The former employee told the newspaper that the foundation was in a state of denial and had not made a plan to help rebuild the buildings in the meantime.

One person close to the group told the Free Press that the group had no intention of moving into the state.

The foundation is now the subject of an investigation by the city of Detroit into whether the city had an obligation to provide financial assistance for the disaster. 

In an interview with the Detroit News, the former staffer said that while the foundation had no legal obligation to help, the decision to move to the city was not made lightly.”

When we moved out of the city it was a matter of choice,” the employee said of the decision not to move.

However, she added that the decision was made in part because of the financial problems the foundation faced. 

‘There’s nothing we can do’The foundation has also come under fire for its treatment of a woman who has been struggling to rebuild her life after a devastating heart attack.

In August 2018, the Free Times newspaper reported that a woman named Ann Marie, who has cerebral palsy and has been using the foundation as a refuge from the financial crisis, had been in dire financial straits and had been living in a hotel room with no food, water or electricity for several weeks.

The story was widely reported on in the media, and Ms Marie was eventually asked to leave the foundation, after which she was forced to pay rent. 

Ann Marie, pictured with her daughter and her partner, says she is unable to pay the rent, let alone make a proper living.

Ann Marie told the New York Times that the charity had been the “only person” she could turn to for financial help. 

It was during that time, that the city also began to investigate the foundation after discovering that Ann Marie had not filed a tax return.

According to the New Times, the investigation led to a request from the foundation for a “preliminary audit”.

The Free Times reported that the audit, which was conducted by the state of Michigan, found that Ann Maria had not paid income tax for at least five years.

In addition, the audit found that the fund was not required to provide any documentation to prove it had been collecting revenue from the state for years.

The Free Press said that it was unclear whether the audit would lead to any financial sanctions.

In response, the state’s Attorney General, JoEllen Darcy, said the state was considering all legal options to


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