Good Apple Foundation aims to boost diversity in the fightback community

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The Good Apple Family Foundation (GOAF) announced today that they will partner with the Good Apple Community Foundation (GACF) to build a national network of communities dedicated to helping women and girls in the LGBT community.

GOAF’s mission is to ensure all LGBT people are represented in all aspects of society, including in the workforce, at the university, in the government, and in local communities.

The GOAF network will be designed around three core values: the power of community, the power to create and support opportunities, and the power and opportunity of our work together to promote equality and justice. 

GACFs mission statement states: We will work to create safe and supportive communities where all LGBT individuals can thrive. 

The GOAFF will also work with GOAFs partners to help support and empower those in communities of color, immigrants, people with disabilities, students and other underserved populations. 

“This is a great opportunity for the GOAF to work with a major LGBT organization to advance equality and the fight for justice,” said Rebecca DeBartolo, President and CEO of the GOAIF.

“It is a tremendous opportunity to build bridges to LGBT communities across the country and across generations.

It is also an opportunity for us to strengthen our relationships with our most underserved communities, to make the fight against discrimination a top priority, and to help bring more and better support to those who need it.”

In order to accomplish this mission, GOAF will: Support local, national and global efforts to help LGBT people, especially LGBT youth, achieve their full potential and achieve equality, including: Education on LGBT issues; Coverage of important social issues;  Supporting the work of the national network; Assisting local and regional organizations to better support the LGBT communities they serve; Providing support for GLBT-inclusive organizations; Supporting local and state governments and the federal government on LGBTQ issues. 

GOAF will also partner with organizations to ensure that their work is accessible to all LGBT Americans, including through social media, on social media platforms, and through news and information sources. 

GoAFF is committed to making a difference by fighting for the rights of all people.


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