The best foundation brushes for all skin types

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Best foundation brushes are everywhere, but they are most often purchased by those who are already on a foundation-based regimen.

There is nothing wrong with this, but many of us are reluctant to get on a high-end foundation regimen because we think it will result in the look of our face becoming too oily and too red.

But that is not what we want.

We want our skin to be completely matte, with no oily marks, and to have minimal makeup lines.

A foundation brush should not be the one tool in your toolbox, but rather the one that provides the foundation for the skin.

This is why we highly recommend the Brush of the Month Award for Best Foundation Brush from our Best of Beauty Awards, which will be announced at the end of this month.

So what is a foundation brush?

To start, the definition of a foundation is the skin covering layer that covers the entire face.

When a foundation layer is applied to the skin, the skin is then covered in a layer of oil that protects the skin’s moisture-retaining barrier.

For most people, the amount of oil applied is small, and it does not interfere with the skin being hydrated.

However, for people with more oily skin, a foundation can be a problem because the oil is not only too dense to cover the skin as effectively as a foundation, but it can also cause an uneven distribution of the oil over the skin and can cause the skin to look red or have a dull texture.

In addition, foundation brushes that are designed to blend together the foundation and oil can cause imperfections that can result in a more oily appearance.

Brush of a Month Award winner The Best Foundation brush: The POREfessional Brush


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