When it comes to rebuilding the world’s economy, China and the US share the same goal: To stop the spread of infectious diseases

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By MICHAEL EASTWOODThe US is spending millions of dollars each year to help China fight the spread, through vaccine and diagnostic technology, of pandemic influenza.

But for the US, the question of who can save the world from the spread remains open.

China is already investing heavily in vaccines and diagnostics for the virus.

The US has not.

And the US and China have yet to agree on how to spend those resources.

It is unclear who, if anyone, will be able to stop the virus from spreading, if the US can’t get it under control.

“The United States and China are not on the same page,” said Dr Andrew Kolodny, who directs the Center for Global Health and Global Governance at the Johns Hopkins University.

Kolodny said China is spending $5 billion on a vaccine that could save more than 100,000 lives each year, with US officials insisting the figure was far higher.

China’s vaccine has not been tested in the United States, so no one has the data on the effectiveness of the vaccine, he said.

The US has a $2.2 billion initiative to develop an anti-viral vaccine that would be ready to take effect in 2020.

That plan, called DROP, was delayed last year amid questions over its safety.

But Dr David Beasley, the director of the US Agency for International Development, said the program will move forward.

“We’re hopeful it will go forward and we’ll be able [to] make that vaccine available in 2020,” Beasley told reporters at the US State Department in Washington, DC, in a statement.

Dr Beasley declined to comment further.US Secretary of State John Kerry said the US would spend $1 billion on anti-fluoride campaigns in 2018.

But the US has so far been unable to secure funding for the campaigns because of political divisions. 

China has not provided an anti-“virus vaccine” to the US or the World Health Organization, a spokesman for the China Immunisation and Control Association told Reuters.

“The Chinese government has not given any assurances that the anti-vaccine campaign will be effective in countering the spread and spreading of influenza virus,” Wang Yuming said in a written statement to Reuters.

China is working on a new vaccine, which will not be ready in 2020, and has not released data on its effectiveness.

A spokesman for US National Institutes of Health said the agency was not involved in the vaccine.

Dr Steven Pifer, a vaccine researcher at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said China has developed an experimental vaccine that is a “step in the right direction” but did not provide a “specific timeline” for the vaccine’s clinical trials.

The US spent $50 million in 2018 on a campaign to get people to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

The campaign, called VIVE, has failed to reduce COVID infections and costs. 

“The pandemic is an opportunity for the world to get the most out of vaccines,” said Pifer.

“It’s a great opportunity for China to put money in the pockets of the people who are going to be most affected by the pandemic.”

China is also working on vaccines to stop new cases of coronavirus, the deadliest of the three pandemics.

But US officials say the country’s coronaviruses, which are spread through contact with people who have the virus, are already under control and are expected to return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2019.

China also has spent billions of dollars on research on diagnostics, including vaccines.

But there are serious questions about how effective those efforts will be in stopping the spread.

While US and Chinese officials agree on the importance of getting COVID vaccines into the hands of the public, they differ over how to fund them, and what measures should be taken to make sure they are effective.

China has spent $1.7 billion on diagnosing COVID.

The country’s Ministry of Public Security said in January that it had completed testing of its new coronaviral vaccine, and had begun clinical trials of it.

But the ministry has not said whether it will be ready by the beginning of 2020, which would allow it to receive a grant from the US to test its vaccine, or if it will wait for a US-led international effort.

On the other hand, the US is expected to invest $1 trillion in developing vaccines to protect against coronavivirus.

China has spent an estimated $1bn on developing vaccines.

The two countries have also spent billions on the global pandemic response, but those efforts have yet, until now, not been effective.

In a recent report, a coalition of countries called the Global Health Alliance estimated that China’s efforts would cost the US $1tn in 2020 and


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