Mac’s best liquid foundation

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Macs best liquid makeup brand, SHISEIDO, announced today that it is discontinuing its “MAC Liquid Foundation” line.

The MAC Liquid Foundation line contains an array of MAC-branded makeup products.

“After months of research, research, and research,” SHISEIDA said in a statement.

“The research showed that the MAC Liquid foundations contain many ingredients that are not found in MAC Liquid makeup products.”

MAC Liquid foundation is a “highly-acclaimed and effective” liquid foundation that can be used to add extra coverage to face and body.

SHISEIIDO said it was adding a “smooth finish” to the MAC liquid foundation, so that the formula was not oily and it doesn’t clog pores.

“We are very excited to announce this change in the line, as the MAC line is a high-quality product that has been in our pipeline for over two years,” said MAC Vice President of Marketing, Brand and Product, Kim D. Loomis.

“This decision is a natural extension of our efforts to improve the way people experience our products.”

Shiseido, founded in 1946, has more than 15,000 employees worldwide.

The company was founded on the belief that “makeup can be everything” and that it “can be something we give to ourselves.”

In 2011, it launched the “Shiseido Liquid Foundation,” a line that included a range of high-performing, natural products, including Shiseida-certified lipsticks and lip glosses.

The Shiseido Liquid Foundation is sold in a variety of sizes and colors.

According to the brand, its Liquid Foundation “is the best way to enhance skin and body while keeping skin smooth and glowing.”

According to SHISEiIDO’s press release, the “MAC liquid foundation” line will remain in stores through November 15.

Macs latest products in the MACLiquid Foundation line include the “Nude, Matte and Flawless” liquid foundations, “Nudie Matte Liquid Foundation in Natural” and “Flawless Matte Liquid foundation in Natural.”


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