How to Make Macarthur Foundation Fundraising Easier

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When Laura Geller founded the foundation to promote the art of fundraising in 2016, she had just opened her own accounting firm, and she was not exactly an expert at the practice.

“I was a little bit intimidated by the process,” she says.

“It was something that we had to figure out.”

Geller says that while she has always been comfortable with the idea of a foundation, she wanted to make it easier to do the work.

“There are so many people that have gone through it before,” she tells Recode.

“And we’re all so passionate about what we do.”

Gellar says that her foundation, which was launched in 2019, has raised over $7 million since it was founded, and it has become one of the biggest fundraising platforms for people who need help.

“This is a lot of work,” she told Recode’s Kara Swisher.

“But if I’m doing something for you and you want to do it for me, I’m the guy that needs to help.”

Gellers foundation has a number of different fundraising tools, including a mobile app that lets people check out their donations, and a website that allows people to set up fundraisers and donate to a cause they’re passionate about.

In addition, the foundation allows people the option to have their donations transferred to a specific charity for later use.

While Geller did not make clear how much she was able to raise through her foundation before she started it, the money raised through Macarthy’s fundraising platform was not large.

In 2016, it was reported that Macarths total fundraising revenue was $7.4 million.

Geller was able do this because she didn’t have to spend a ton of time setting up her own fundraising website and raising money, and the foundation also did not have to use a lot more staff than her own.

“We had a lot less staff than the foundation we were trying to do,” Geller told Recine.

Geller also said that the Macarthys funding came in a way that helped her, because she was already an established donor and could rely on the foundation for funding.

“A lot of times we have people that are in the early stages of getting started with fundraising, and we need to support them a little earlier,” she said.

“The Macarhthur foundation is the foundation that will give them that support.”

Gelling also points out that Macarb’s platform makes it easy for people to make donations, even if they aren’t wealthy.

“You can make a contribution and get a little money out of it,” she explained.

“That’s really the beauty of the platform.”

But there are downsides to the Macarb platform.

One is that there is no official charity for Macarleys fundraising, which can be a big concern for those who need financial support.

And some donors may not be aware of Macarcher’s fundraisers.

“Macarthur is not a charity that people can donate directly to,” Gellerman told Recade.

“If you’re just doing a little online thing, you can go to Macarther and donate through the platform, and there is a donation option.

But we don’t want to discourage people from going into Macarhood and donating through the Macarthys platform.”

Another criticism of Macarb is that it does not have an official logo, which means donors will need to learn how to recognize a charity and how to make a donation.

“Our logo has always kind of been a little confusing to donors,” Gelling said.

Gelling added that the foundation was the first one in the U.S. to use the word “macarthur,” which is a combination of the word macarth and the word foundation.

Macarith is also a registered trademark, but Geller points out the foundation has never made the logo public.

“So it’s just sort of a weird situation,” she added.

The Macaruth Foundation has a more formal website, but its branding remains a mystery to donors.

“How do we make sure that Macarth is not confusing to potential donors?”

Geller asked.

“Well, the Macaarth website is really not public, and you can’t really find it on the Macaroth website.”


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