Why are you getting a kidney?

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A new study has found that people who are regularly eating a high-fat diet and who have a kidney are more likely to be obese than those who do not.

The study looked at data from more than 10,000 US adults, and found that those who were overweight and who were regularly eating high-carbohydrate diets were more likely than those in the middle of the pack to be overweight and obese.

The authors of the study say the findings may explain why people with a kidney and people who do have one tend to live longer, and therefore have a better quality of life.

Dr Jennifer A. O’Sullivan, who led the study at the University of Chicago and the University at Buffalo, said the results were surprising and were important.

“The results suggest that people in the highest quintile of fatness may have a higher risk of death, as they have a greater propensity to be physically inactive and to have a lower quality of living,” Dr O’Shea said.

People who were obese, and also had a kidney, had a higher rate of mortality than those at the middle-of-the-pack. “

But if this was an environmental factor, it could also be an individual-level factor.”

People who were obese, and also had a kidney, had a higher rate of mortality than those at the middle-of-the-pack.

Those who were healthy, and who had a normal kidney, were less likely to die from any cause, compared to those who did not have a normal liver or kidneys.

Dr O’tsullivan said the findings were especially important because kidney failure is one of the most common causes of death in the United States.

She said while people in low-fat diets were at an increased risk of having a normal kidneys, they were also at an elevated risk of dying from kidney failure.

She also said the study was based on data from 10,400 participants, and was published in the American Journal of Nephrology.


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