Clinton Foundation: A foundation with ties to Russia, a uranium deal, and a child sex abuse scandal

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A new report by the National Science Foundation finds that the Clinton Foundation is tied to Russian efforts to build nuclear power plants and to enrich uranium, which it has donated to the Clinton Global Initiative.

The report, published on Thursday, also found that former President Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, used her personal email address for official business while serving as chief executive of the foundation.

Bill Clinton was paid nearly $500,000 by the foundation in 2010 and 2011.

A statement from the foundation said it had no knowledge of any such payments to Chelsea.

The N.S.F. report said that, as a result of the Russian nuclear program, it had been “forced to suspend its Uranium One deal with Rosatom, a Russian state-owned nuclear energy company, pending additional information” and was “deeply concerned” about the future of uranium supplies to the United States.

Clinton has said she had no involvement in the sale.

“We had no role in that deal,” she said during a 2015 interview on CBS.

The Uranium one deal involved a deal between Rosatom and Uranium Group, a Canadian company that has been accused of being in the business of developing nuclear energy technology.

Rosatom has denied the allegations.

The New York Times reported in September that the FBI had interviewed top Russian officials about whether Clinton or her associates had approved the sale of Uranium to a Canadian mining company.

In the statement, the Clinton foundation said the report is “deepening our understanding of Russian efforts in our world.”

A spokesman for the foundation, David Kendall, said the foundation has been “doing extensive outreach to foreign leaders” about issues of concern to the world, including global warming and climate change.

“The Clinton Foundation will continue to work closely with the Clinton administration and the U.

S Congress to advance a global partnership to protect the planet, promote human rights, and address climate change,” Kendall said.

The foundation has said it would work to make its donors’ money spent in the U,S.

more transparent.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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