When Google, Microsoft and other tech giants agree to donate millions to animal charities

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The Animal Enterprise Foundation is calling on Google, Facebook and other technology giants to make a major donation to animal advocacy groups.

Google, Microsoft, eBay, LinkedIn and Yahoo are among the top tech companies to make donations to the group since its founding in 2016, according to the foundation.

“Google, Facebook, and others should donate at least $50 million per year, and the other tech companies should give $50 billion a year, or an additional $10 billion annually,” said David Tompkins, the foundation’s CEO.

“If we don’t do that, we’ll be left with a situation where these companies are in the dark, or they will continue to use animal abuse as an excuse for what they’re doing,” he said.

The nonprofit, which works to protect and care for animals in shelters and rescue centers, said the companies’ actions will help protect animals from cruelty and cruelty-related deaths.

“It’s about creating a culture that is a little bit more accepting of people who are in these industries, and we want to get there, but we don,t want to go through the same fate as the animals that are suffering in these situations,” Tompkin said.

Google and Microsoft made donations in the past year to the Animal Enterprise Fund.

Facebook and Yahoo, however, have not made public donations.

The foundation’s president, Mike Nudelman, said Facebook and Microsoft should make a public donation.

“The fact that we’ve seen some of these companies, Facebook in particular, not make a big public commitment to animal welfare and that they haven’t given $10 million a year to animal groups is extremely troubling,” Nudeman said.

“These companies are not alone.

Companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and Google and Apple are also doing something,” Nuddelman said.

He said he’s confident the tech giants will take action, especially as they see a large number of animal abuse incidents and deaths linked to tech companies.

“There are a lot of companies who are just not doing anything, because they’re afraid of the repercussions.

So it’s going to take the right people at Google, Apple, Facebook to take a stand and say we’re going to do something,” he told reporters.

The organization is also calling on the tech companies not to make animal abuse an excuse to violate their own policies.

“When you look at all the companies that have made donations to this group over the years, none of them have taken any action to make the situation on the ground in shelters more humane, or more humane animals,” Noodelman said, noting that the animal advocacy group does not work directly with these companies.

Tompkins called on the companies to put more money into the organization’s programs, particularly to better support animals and other people living with chronic disease.

“We’re just in the middle of a massive pandemic and I think that the companies need to really step up to the plate and really fund a lot more animal welfare programs, because these are the people who will be affected by this,” he added.

The groups own website lists animal shelters, rescues, shelters for the blind, and adoption centers.

The nonprofit also works to help animals who have been injured or killed in shelters.

“People should be able to choose where they live,” Tumpkins said.


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