‘Skinny’ Revlon CoverGirl Foundation: ‘It is not a skinny product’

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LONDON — “Skinny” Revlon’s CoverGirl foundation is still not as thin as it should be.

The foundation, a “premium,” product in the “premia” category, is now a whopping $129.99.

The price hike comes on top of the $35.00 for the base formula and the $55.00 cover-up.

The $25.00 CoverGirl Classic is still a thinner version of the original, which has a more neutral tone and a matte finish.

Revlon says it is “working closely with the CoverGirl team to identify and develop new options that better address the needs of our customers.”

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

The $25 CoverGirl has become the most popular CoverGirl brand ever.

The “premise” product category is a larger category than the “minis” category.

There is a lot of variation between the different CoverGirl foundations, including the shade of skin tone, how long the formula lasts and how thick the formula is.

The cover-ups, which have a thinner, matte finish, are $12.50.

There are also $6.99 CoverGirl Matte and $14.99 Matte CoverGirl.

Revolts are not the first time the company has made a move to cut back on price.

It cut prices on a variety of products, including makeup and skin care, after it announced that it would start charging for its own skin care products.

The company announced it was cutting the prices of some of its skincare products and its lip products, as well.

Revamp is part of a growing trend of brands reducing their prices to offset lower sales.

The latest example comes from Revlon, which is also making changes to its lipstick range, including a “skinny” formula.

It is a trend that is expected to continue, as companies are increasing the price of their products, and the brands that have already been successful at selling thinner products may find that the trend is spreading.

It is not clear if the new CoverGirl “premises” are the first to be reduced in price, but it could be the first.


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