New York City unveils new dress code for Muslim students

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NEW YORK — The City of New York is changing the dress code of Muslim students, saying they must wear headscarves, hijab or full-face veils and adhere to the dress codes of other faiths.

The new dress codes include a dress code that prohibits students from wearing a hijab and full-body veils, according to a memo from Mayor Bill de Blasio.

They also prohibit wearing jewelry that resembles a face covering, the memo says.

A woman is also prohibited from wearing “full face covering,” it says.

The dress code also requires students to wear the hijab and wear a headscarf in public, and to use a hijab or veil in the classroom and at home.

Students must abide by the dress and grooming rules of the Muslim community, including wearing their hijab and wearing a veil, according the memo.

“The City has long held the belief that diversity is essential to our community and to the well-being of the City,” the memo said.

“To ensure that all New Yorkers are treated equally, the City has implemented a set of new dress and hair code measures, which will make New York the first city in the United States to mandate that all students be wearing a head covering, a hijab, or a full-faced veil.”

The New York Daily News reports the dress rules will go into effect in the fall.

De Blasio also released a new guide for Muslim parents and guardians about wearing the hijab, which can be purchased at local businesses.

The mayor said he was also creating a new program called “We are the New York of the Islamic world,” that is designed to help educate Muslims about the role of religion in the life of the community.


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