A ‘new trend’ in cosmetics: ulta founder shares the latest with investors

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Luxury brands including luxury eyewear brand Huda and the beauty brand Dewy Foundation have started to adopt “new trend” cosmetics and are taking the trend to the next level.

The new trend is the idea of using an eyebrow brush for eyebrow contouring.

Ulta founder Huda Fakhra recently shared a new product called the Dewy foundation that has been made by an online makeup shop that uses a similar brush to a gel eyeliner.

Fakhra said the Dewys are a new trend, and it was inspired by an idea from a beauty blogger, who had a dream of having a product that is “better than a primer.”

The idea for a new cosmetic trend started in the ’90s, when I noticed a lot of makeup being used with eyeliner that looked very natural and not too much product.

I thought to myself, what if I just made a makeup brush that is really good at what it does?

That’s when I started thinking about using a foundation and that’s when the idea for the Dewythes came about,” Fakhr said.

Huda Fakrah Fakhrah Fakr, cofounder of the cosmetics company Huda, poses for a photo in his studio in Dubai, UAE, March 16, 2021.

Fakrah said he was inspired to make an eyebrow gel because it looked very similar to the way a primer should look.

The formula is also similar to a foundation brush, which makes the product even more effective.”

It’s a trend.””

I’m not saying it’s perfect, I’m just saying I want something that I can use over and over again, not just once.

It’s a trend.”

The products used in the products are made in China and are meant to mimic a natural makeup product, according to Fakhri.

They can be applied by the fingertips and then washed with water and airbrush, and can be layered or layered and layered on.

They can also be applied with an eye shadow brush, so the user doesn’t have to worry about mixing it up, he said, and the product lasts a long time.

The products range in price from $2 to $9.50 per bottle, but Fakhrum said he doesn’t make a profit from the products, and his goal is to create a line of cosmetics with a range of colors and finishes.

“This is something I want to do for the rest of my life, so I want my customers to experience this,” he added.

Hudas new products include a product called “Facial Hair Brush” that looks like a real hair brush, and a hair brush with a “natural feel.”

The company has also released two new lipsticks, which are “a new trend” with a bright, glossy color and a “shimmery” matte finish.

Huds makeup is also making its way to the beauty world.

The company is currently working on a new lip product that looks similar to one from Huda’s foundation line.

The company is also working on new products to help make it easier for people to learn about cosmetics, according a company statement.

Hoodoo Cosmetics, a beauty brand that was created by Huda founder Fakhru, is also releasing a new line of products this year.

The brand is known for its natural looking products and is known to be very eco-friendly.

Huddah Fakru Fakra poses for an interview in his office in Dubai on February 15, 2021, a day after the company was founded.

The foundation brand, which has been around since 2015, started as a personal beauty product line.

Fakhre said the idea was to create products that would be used on a daily basis and not have a lot to do with the makeup that one uses daily.

“If you have a foundation, you’re probably going to have a few products on your body every day,” he explained.

“The reason why you might have a couple products on a day is because you are not using enough makeup, so that’s what we wanted to create.”

The brand started with just two products and has now added more products to its portfolio.

“We’re constantly looking at new products and expanding our product range,” Fakrar said.

Fukuara Fakras makeup.

The new products are meant for women who want a natural look.

Fukuara Cosmetics.

Faka Fakara Faka, founder of Fukuaras cosmetics, poses with his girlfriend.

Fashrara Fakhrar Fakhara, co-founder of Faka cosmetics, speaks to the media in his Dubai office.

Fekra Fakora Fakirah Fakhrer, co founder of the Huda foundation brand and owner of Fakiri Fakri Fakrer, a brand owner and


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