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I’m going to be honest here, I don’t have a lot of love for the American kidney foundation.

I’ve been using it since it was introduced back in 2009 and while it has been a great source of protein, I’ve never been impressed with its skin-soothing qualities.

But there is one thing that I love about it, and that is its emollient properties.

That means you can apply it on top of a moisturiser, it helps you hydrate, and it helps prevent your skin from becoming dry and flaky. 

I’ve been loving the skin-conditioning properties of this foundation because of how it has helped me maintain a natural skin tone.

I used to suffer from oily skin, so it’s hard to find a product that didn’t make my skin look greasy.

But after using the American, I was able to smooth out my oily skin and still have a great look. 

American is a great foundation for those who suffer from dry skin because it works on the skin, not on it.

The best thing about this foundation is that it’s completely water-resistant.

So if you’ve got oily skin or if you want to keep your skin moisturised, you won’t need to worry about washing your face.

And if you’re looking for something lightweight and easy-to-use, this is it. 

So, is this the perfect foundation for oily skin? 

Of course not, but if you have oily skin you should definitely give this foundation a try.

If you are using this foundation for your first time, I highly recommend starting with the Foundation first because I would highly recommend that you go for a thicker foundation because you’ll notice the difference once you’re using this formula more regularly.

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