$9,400 worth of cosmetics donated to ‘compassionately care’ foundation

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The bareminers foundation was donated by the Concealed Carry Foundation and has been listed as the official foundation of the Compassionate Care Foundation.

The foundation has been set up in response to the growing public outcry over the recent fatal shooting of a woman in Texas. 

The shooting happened on March 22, when 19-year-old Lacy Walker was shot and killed by a police officer.

The woman’s father, Lacy’s grandfather, Michael Walker, was a police sergeant who was shot twice in the leg during the altercation. 

Walker was later killed. 

Lacy’s parents, who have since died, have since sued the Texas police department, claiming the officers used excessive force and used excessive and unnecessary force. 

On Sunday, a judge ruled that the family had a valid claim against the state, and ordered the department to stop using the name of the foundation. 

(Courtesy of the Walker family)The foundation’s website states that the foundation is the “first, and by far the most effective, non-profit dedicated to the defense of our communities from the senseless acts of violence that threaten our very way of life.”

The foundation also has a $9.1 million endowment and has a “commitment to providing support to families of the dead” as well as “support for victims of crime.”

The Foundation for Justice also provides financial support for “individual victims of police brutality and criminal activity, survivors of sexual abuse, individuals who have lost a loved one to gun violence and families of those who have been the victims of violent crime.”

A Facebook page that the Walker’s have created to help raise money for the foundation states that they have received more than $3.5 million in donations.

The Walker family has been in a protracted battle with the police department.

They claim the department has violated their civil rights and used unnecessary force, including the shooting of Walker.

The department has denied the allegations.


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