How to get a dog to eat a cookie

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A dog’s new favorite snack is a chocolate bar that it’s been eating for a few months now, but it doesn’t taste as good as it looks.

In fact, a recent test by the National Science Foundation found the new favorite treats aren’t even as good on dogs as the real thing.

The research is based on a series of tests on rats, and is part of the foundation’s work to develop new ways to help animals.

They found that dogs had a harder time eating a bar that was made of cocoa butter, an ingredient that is used in chocolate and cocoa products.

When the researchers used a bar with cocoa butter in place of a chocolate-flavored bar, the dogs had an easier time eating the bar than when the bar was made with a chocolate flavor.

When the bar is made with vanilla extract, the bar had more difficulty digesting the food.

The tests found that cocoa butter has a lower digestibility than chocolate, which is why you might want to use a real chocolate bar instead of buying a bar made with cocoa.

When researchers added the ingredients to a chocolate flavored bar, it had a much harder time digesting it than the real deal.

When researchers added cocoa butter to the real bars, the cocoa butter had a higher digestibility and was easier to digest than the vanilla extract.

If you’re a dog lover, you probably think that’s just fine, since a bar of chocolate doesn’t need to be eaten to be good.

However, there are many benefits to using cocoa butter over chocolate.

The researchers found that when they gave the dogs chocolate-filled treats, they felt better and had fewer side effects.

The study is not the first to link cocoa butter and dogs’ digestive problems.

In 2007, the journal Science published an article showing that chocolate made with natural cocoa butter also had lower intestinal permeability and lower bacterial counts than a real bar of cocoa.

In fact, the study’s lead author, Dr. Karen Bowers, said in a statement that the real cocoa butter smelled worse and had more bacteria in it than what dogs were used to eating.


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